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Developing a holistic support package for married girls

Developing a holistic support package for married girls

Session Description

Married teenage girls often find themselves stuck in a grey area when it comes to accessing essential health, education, and social services – they are not legally adults, but, as they are married, they are no longer considered children. They also face difficulties when they try to leave a marriage before turning 18. This session will attempt to answer what a holistic support package for married girls should look like, and how it can be achieved.


Chandra-mouli Venkatraman , WHO


Sani Aliou, Pathfinder Niger    
Anke van der Kwaak, KIT
Anita Namubiru, Youth advocate
Annabel Erulkar, Population Council


Divorce after child marraige, AnkevanderKwaak presentation (.pptx)

FAWE presentation (.pptx)

GNB - ANITAH presentation (.pptx)

Pathfinder Niger for FTPs presentation (.pptx)

Population Council presentation (.pptx)