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Meeting Programme 

The Global Meeting programme featured 59 sessions over three days. A full list of the sessions appears below, where you can find more information about each session and download any resources that were used. 11 of the sessions were live streamed, and you can watch complete videos of these sessions where they are available. 

You can also use the search bar to look for a particular session. 

Monday 25th June

Plenary: Opening Session (a video of the complete session is available)

Confronting the tensions between protection and empowerment: The age of marriage vs. age of sexual consent.

This time for Africa: Sustaining the continental momentum in addressing child marriage (a video of the complete session is available)

Working with parliamentarians to end child marriage

What is meaningful youth engagement?

Child marriage and FGM: Success factors in community-led initiatives to change social norms around child marriage and female genital mutilation/cutting

Increasing political and religious conservatism: The impact on tackling child marriage in South Asia

Advocacy in a digital space: Using social media and other online tools

Plenary: The role of multilateral organisations in ending child marriage
(a video of the complete session is available)

The value and risks of criminalising child marriage: Building a common understanding  (a video of the complete session is available)

Girls’ clubs, safe spaces and life-skills programmes: Learning from what works

Challenging taboos and social norms through edutainment: Examples from Malawi and Pakistan

The key to ending child marriage? Cross-sector collaboration

Joining forces to gather evidence on child marriage in humanitarian settings in the Arab States

Building on the SADC Model Law to End Child Marriage in Southern Africa

Promoting sustainable change through our own self-reflection and transformation

Engaging men and boys in efforts to end child marriage

Child marriage in Francophone Africa: Challenges and opportunities for Girls Not Brides members  (a video of the complete session is available)

Engaging faith leaders in ending child marriage

Child marriage in Latin America

Face to face: Practical advocacy skills for working with government

Survivor advocacy workshop: How to encourage, care for and involve survivors in advocacy

Lessons from the field: How do multi-component programmes address the drivers and consequences of early marriage?

Creative, participatory, art-influenced, girl-led approaches to ending child marriage

A force to be reckoned with: How Girls Not Brides National Partnerships are taking collective action to end child marriage

Tuesday 26th June

Plenary: More than just money - donor countries and private foundations' work in ending child marriage (a video of the complete session is available)

Teenage pregnancy as a driver of early union/marriage, and the role of SRH services (a video of the complete session is available)

Using the law to end impunity for child marriage

Moving from age to agency: redefining success and measuring change

Finding and minding the gaps in research on child marriage

Making public finances work: Costing and budgeting to end child marriage

Addressing child marriage at scale – how CSOs have worked with governments

Addressing child marriage in East Africa: Successes, challenges and opportunities for progress

Toolbox session: Inspire me!

Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Promoting gender equality, empowering young people and ending gender based violence

Lessons learned from research on implementing multi-sectoral policies and programmes at the sub-national level

Community-led approaches to ending child marriage in West, Eastern and Southern Africa: Traditional leaders as key actors for change

Research world cafe

Changing social norms around child marriage: Tools and approaches for designing social norms programmes

What journalists want: An introduction to working with the media

Harnessing the power of data and evidence to advocate for change

The dynamics of child marriage in humanitarian settings: Findings from Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and South Sudan  (a video of the complete session is available)

Wednesday 27th June

Developing a holistic support package for married girls

How mass media can help us end child marriage

#YouthDeliver: Youth leading the fight to end child marriage  (a video of the complete session is available)

Modern slavery and child labour: Entry points for addressing child marriage

Turning challenges into opportunities: The role of religious leaders in efforts to end child marriage

What does gender transformative sexuality programming look like and why does it matter?

Effective advocacy to end child marriage: Leveraging global and regional action to create change at the national level

From commitment to action: Ending child marriage in West and Central Africa

Changing social norms around child marriage: What will it take and how are we doing? (a video of the complete session is available)

At what cost? Making the economic case for ending child marriage

Strategic litigation for addressing child marriage: A practical perspective

Funding for community projects: Top tips and tricks for securing your next funding win

Nothing for us, without us: Young activists call for a better future

Tackling child marriage in South East Asia: Challenges and opportunities

Moving beyond what works: Translating evidence into policies and programmes for girls

The case for space: Defending fundamental freedoms of movement and association

Learning from failure in our efforts to end child marriage

Do too many cooks spoil the broth? Multi-stakeholder collaboration in action

A silver bullet? How education can end child marriage

Plenary: Closing session (a video of the complete session is available)